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  • Weekday Hunts from 3:30 pm to the Last Legal Shooting Light
  • Weekends Hunts from First to Last Legal Shooting Light

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Pheasant Hunting FAQ’s

Hunting hours in Michigan vary based on the sunrise and sunset of each calendar day. We are located in Zone 2. To find out the specific legal shooting hours for your hunting trip, we recommend reading the 2022 Michigan Hunting Digest and exploring the charts on pages 13-16.

We require our hunters to wear one blaze orange article of clothing on their body above the waist. This can be a hat, vest, or jacket. We also recommend wearing layered clothing because it might be cold outdoors. In addition, when you wear a long sleeve shirt under your hunting jacket, you can avoid getting scrapped up during your hunt. Boots are also a great thing to wear when hunting. The grounds can be wet, so durable and waterproof hunting boots are recommended. It’s also super important to bring eye and ear protection. We do not provide these on the preserve, so come prepared!

At Royal Stag Preserve, our hunting season usually starts at the beginning of September and goes until mid-March. The season is also weather dependent, please contact us for any questions about specific end-of-season dates.

Yes! You can hunt pheasants without a dog. However, we highly recommend bringing along your furry companion as they enhance the pheasant hunting experience.

It’s important to have the right size shotgun shells for pheasant hunting. From experience, we recommend two shots for every bird put out. We allow and use steel shots only. For more information and expertise on this subject, we recommend reading the Best Shot Size Loads For Pheasant Hunting article.

It’s possible to bring one or two friends. They will have to sign a waiver, and the guest will be fully responsible for their friend. Contact us for more information about bringing more than two friends.

To be safe while hunting at the Royal Stag Preserve, only park in designated areas and only hunt in designated areas. To learn all about our safety rules, download our safety guide sheet.

Weekend hunts are available from first to last legal shooting light. Contact us for more information about weekend hunts and how to schedule one!