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Our shared passion for the natural beauty of Northern Michigan was the first ingredient in creating the Royal Stag brand. Our team is full of Michigan locals who grew up playing and hunting in this natural midwest wonderland. As an avid hunter and devoted father, Royal Stag Founder Will Saputo does everything possible to create a hunting environment that’s fun and safe for our guests.

Here at Royal Stag Preserve, we believe in delivering only the finest to our hunt club guests. From arrival to the last shot, the Royal Stag journey will be unparalleled. With exclusive preserve access, our bird hunting experience featurs brand-new state-of-the-art equipment and clearly marked fields to ensure your safety. We handle bird placement, transportation to designated hunting areas, and a cleaning area after the hunt. Our mission is simple, to provide a safe and upscale pheasant hunting experience with modern amenities our guests love.

*** Not open to the public ***

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José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) was a Spanish philosopher and essayist known for his profound insights into society, culture, and the human condition. A thinker of remarkable depth, Ortega y Gasset explored a wide range of subjects, from art and history to politics and beyond.

His famous quote, "We hunt not to kill, but to have hunted," comes from his work "Meditations on Hunting." In this reflective piece, Ortega y Gasset delves into the essence of hunting, seeing it not merely as an act of pursuit or the thrill of the chase but as a profound connection to our primal selves and the natural world. 🌿

His work remains a testament to the thoughtful hunter, echoing the deeper meanings and joys found in the heart of the hunt. 

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A little history about how the @bigeasyranch came to be what it is today. 

@tclegofficial members, if you haven't thought aobut this yet, we urge you to consider joining us in October for this epic experience. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new companion for the field - the Beretta .20 gauge over & under shotgun. Precision, elegance, and performance come together in this masterpiece, making it the ideal choice for the discerning bird hunter. 🍂🦆

Why the Beretta .20 gauge stands out:

▪Lightweight Design: Ensures ease of handling and agility during long hunts.
▪Superb Balance: Offers unmatched control and accuracy, crucial for tracking fast-moving targets.
▪Craftsmanship: Beretta's renowned craftsmanship means you’re investing in durability, reliability, and style.

Elevate your hunting experience with a shotgun that combines tradition and innovation.

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In the rich landscapes of Northern Michigan, hunting is a vital tool for balance. 🍂 By responsibly managing deer populations, hunting ensures the health of both the deer and their habitat, preventing overpopulation that can lead to issues for local ecosystems and communities.

As stewards of the land, hunters play a key role in maintaining this delicate equilibrium, combining passion for the sport with a commitment to conservation. 

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What a ride! Just wrapped up an unforgettable bull shark and tarpon tournament in the stunning blue waters of Key West, Florida. 🦈🎣 From the thrill of the chase to the awe-inspiring beauty of these amazing creatures, every moment was a blast.

The crystal-clear waters offered up some top-tier angling. 🌴💙 Whether you’re reeling in a mighty tarpon or watching a bull shark glide beneath the waves, Key West truly delivers!

Grateful for the memories and the catch! Can't wait to do it all over again. 

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🐕‍🦺🍂 Traits of an Elite Hunting Dog & Top Bird Hunters 🍂🐕‍🦺

A top-notch hunting dog is more than just a companion; they’re an essential part of the hunting experience. Here’s what sets the best apart:

🎯 Keen Instincts: The ability to track and retrieve without hesitation.
❤️ Steadfast Loyalty: A partner that listens and stays by your side.
🏃‍♂️ Unmatched Endurance: The stamina to keep going, from dawn till dusk.
🧠 Eagerness to Learn: A quick learner is a hunter’s best asset.
When it comes to bird hunting, certain breeds shine brighter. Here are a few champions of the field:

🖤 Black Labrador Retriever: Renowned for their retrieving skills, especially in water.
🐾 German Shorthaired Pointer: Versatile hunters known for their agility and tracking abilities.
🍃 English Springer Spaniel: Energetic and adept at flushing birds from thick cover.
🌟 Brittany: Quick and agile, with a keen nose for game.

Whether sweeping through fields or navigating dense forests, these breeds elevate the hunting experience, making every outing unforgettable. 

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Have you heard of a cinnamon bear? They are actually a black bear, just with cinnamon colored fur, and they're pretty rare! We found thes guys up in Alberta, Canada!

As a member of the Royal Stag Preserve, you get access to our exclusive Adventure Series, we're thrilled to offer unforgettable hunting experiences like this one. Our Black Bear hunts are led by the renowned @KylerKnelsen of @Wingmaster_Outfitting, where we go on a journey into the heart of the wilderness, and come back with something special! 

To find out more, give us a call 231-546-8648.